Thanks Richard Haynes for the inspirational speech. #NACAC16

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Admission officers are the best friend of high school community. Use the power! #NACAC16 @nacac

46% of high school graduates go to college next year! What happens to 54%?

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BLS covers 818 occupations. Not easy to memorize all of them.

55+ age group will have the largest labor force in 2024. That does not sound fun!

Employment projection session gives a widen perspective on jobs.#NACAC16 @BLS_gov @NACACedu

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Colleges cannot see anymore the list of colleges that students have in their FAFSA application. Good move! #NACAC16

No 2016 tax info for 2017-18 FAFSA Application. Period. #NACAC16 #college #FAFSA

Early FAFSA will definitely make our job easier. #NACAC16